Affiliate / Referral Agent

Referral / Affiliate Agent

This type of agent is one of our most popular. Specifically suited for those that don’t want to handle payments, ticketing and itineraries. This style of agent allows you to send referrals to the end suppliers and get paid a commission for any successful bookings from those referrals.

  • Free to use.
  • Creates another revenue stream.
  • Simple user friendly system.
  • Free website plug ins to send referrals on your site.
  • Login to send referrals for guests when dealing face to face with in house guests.
  • We give you a FREE plug in for your website – takes only minutes to install.
  • You earn commission on each successful booking you send to suppliers.
  • Our software tracks and calculates all leads, bookings and commissions then automates payment to your account.
  • No cash handling or dispensing tickets and itineraries, all leads go directly to supplier.
Affiliate Agents

How It Works

How It works

It’s super easy; basically any enquiry that comes through you or your website is a referral. You earn commission on any successful referrals. The end supplier handles all the money, ticketing and itineraries, all you do is send the referral and get paid, that’s it.

Did you say its free?

YES we did. Well actually it’s even better than free.....We pay you!!!....That’s right, we give you a referral agent account and website plug in completely free of charge and we pay you for any successful referrals that come through you or your website. Whats the catch?

There is absolutely no catch or hidden fees. We make our money by sharing the commission with you 50/50 on any successful booking. Depending on the product and service the supplier pays between 10% - 20% commission on successful referrals, we then go your halves in this. We believe that sharing is caring.

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